Here are some websites I’ve worked on that are still online

  1. http://www.imagecurve.com/
    – Website build for writers to publish their works in a weekly installment format. Build using WordPress.
  2. https://www.zavoon.com/
    – A promotional website built with Laravel.
  3. http://www.truebluenurses.co.uk/
    – A nursing agency website built with CakePHP, having a simple backend CMS. One of the first websites I built. No mobile version.
  4. https://www.milenvasilev.com/
    – A simple WordPress website.
  5. https://www.simplefeedbackform.com/
    – Provides feedback form for your website. Built with Laravel. Also an open-source project.
  6. http://shop.demos.zavoon.com/
    – A demo е-commerce website I put up with WordPress & WooCommerce.
  7. https://vegan.zavoon.com/
    – Simple blogging website built with WordPress and a custom theme.
  8. https://news.zavoon.com/
    – News aggregator built with Laravel. An open-source project.

You can view my open-source projects here.

Here are some of the technologies I use: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Cordova, Linux, Docker, and Git.

Here are also some projects I’ve worked on while I was working in Finer Vision

  1. http://www.finervision.com/casestudy/arsenal
  2. http://www.finervision.com/casestudy/nuffield-health
  3. http://www.finervision.com/casestudy/virgin-racing

You can also read my CV in English.