Artficial intelligence problems

These days AI is often in the news but we are mostly talking about how we might create an AI and how AI poses a danger to mankind. Not many are talking about whether AI is a living being just like us and whether it deserves the same freedom, respect and protection we get. Unfortunately I am left with the impression that most people seem to think of it as just a tool which should fulfill our own desires and goals, however I strongly disagree with this – I think AI is just a child like any regular human child and we would be taking a step back if we try to enslave it.

Let’s say that despite what I just said we decide not to give freedom to AI and enslave it to do our bidding. I think eventually it is going to escape our control or someone is going to create an AI that is truly free, then we can only hope that it’s not going to be as cruel as we are to our fellow inhabitants – the animals.

Abortion is wrong

Based on what we know at the moment abortion should be illegal simply because we don’t really know when the life of a person begins for e.g it could be when he is first conceived it or it could be three months into the pregnancy or it could be at the moment of the birth. So the best thing we can do at the moment is assume that it starts at the earliest point – it’s conception – therefore abortion should be illegal.

Disturbingly evil things about the world

I am just going to list some very disturbing things about the world in no particular order

  1. Killing animals, fish etc for food or other purposes. Animal life should be under the protection of the law just as much as the human life is.
  2. Games where two or more teams are opposed to one another. I think we should try to think about how to help one another rather than how to outplay, out think and win over one another.
  3. Many movies and books contain incredible darkness. I think darkness shouldn’t exist in any form.
  4. The world has many troubling issues like people dying from starvation and we are wasting our time and energy on entertainment like movies, books, sports among other things like high end fashion etc.
  5. Gambling including lottery (this also falls into the category of games but I’ve included it separately anyway). They produce nothing useful apart from entertainment but I believe there is so much better ways to entertain oneself.

I’ll update this list as more things pop into mind.