Disturbingly evil things about the world

I am just going to list some very disturbing things about the world in no particular order

  1. Killing animals, fish etc for food or other purposes. Animal life should be under the protection of the law just as much as the human life is.
  2. Games where two or more teams are opposed to one another. I think we should try to think about how to help one another rather than how to outplay, out think and win over one another.
  3. Many movies and books contain incredible darkness. I think darkness shouldn’t exist in any form.
  4. The world has many troubling issues like people dying from starvation and we are wasting our time and energy on entertainment like movies, books, sports among other things like high end fashion etc.
  5. Gambling including lottery (this also falls into the category of games but I’ve included it separately anyway). They produce nothing useful apart from entertainment but I believe there is so much better ways to entertain oneself.

I’ll update this list as more things pop into mind.